Meet the Woodstock Inn Brewery Sales Team

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Woodstock Inn Brewery products are sold in retail locations throughout five New England states including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. How do we run the inn, brewery and restaurant - AND sell beer in five states?

Introducing the Woodstock Sales Team!

This three-person team consists of Garrett Smith, Director of Sales; Erin Marley Regional Manager, Southern New England; and the team's newest hire, Arthur Chase. In addition to introducing Woodstock brews to accounts including package stores, restaurants and bars, the team also heads out to promote the beer at events like beer tastings, beer fests and pint nights. Arthur, Erin and Garrett have each worked in the restaurant, sales and marketing industries. Couple that with a love of craft beer and you've got a brewery sales rep!

Just kidding... It takes a lot more than that, at least at the Woodstock Inn Brewery. Some other job responsibilities include things like assisting distributor sales reps for partners like Amoskeag Beverages and Sheehan Brothers, coordinating monthly orders with the brewery, working with the brewers to create new ideas for beer recipes, concept and packaging design, state and federal approvals for new sku's and more.

Thinking of getting into the industry?  Here's what the group has for advice:

"There's a lot that goes into the day in the life of a beer rep," said Garrett. "The industry has changed a lot since I started selling beer for Woodstock.  While the job is fun, it can be a ton of work. If you're interested in getting into the industry I would say - be prepared to work your ass off every day!"

Erin said, "I think in order to succeed you need to be on your A-game as far as organization, multi-tasking and... patience helps - with the driving especially (aka road rage!).  If you have a background or have worked in marketing and consider yourself a social media guru, that goes a long way too!"

"Build the best possible relationship with people you know in the business and appreciate beer!" was Arthur's advice.

Suggest a Retailer and Get Entered to Win a Gift Card!

Want to help the sales team and win a Woodstock gift card?

Suggest the name of a store near you that doesn't sell Woodstock or maybe they carry it but not the Woodstock beer you want the most.  If the account you suggest stocks our beer you'll be entered in a monthly raffle to win a $25 Woodstock Inn gift card, good in the Inn, the store, the Brewery, and for beer!

At the end of the month everyone who was entered into the $25 gift card drawing will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.

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