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Meet the Woodstock Staff: Arthur

Arthur Chase, Brewery Rep


Arthur Chase started on the Brewery Sales team a just over two months ago, working the New Hampshire market with Garrett Smith. 

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How to Taste Beer Like the Pros

Have you ever watched someone at a wine tasting? They stick their nose in the glass, put the glass up to the light, swirl the wine, taste, roll the wine around in their mouth, then proclaim it perfect or not. We’d like to tell you tasting beer – truly tasting beer – is a much shorter, less elaborate process, but it’s not. And that’s not a bad thing: Taking the time to experience and savor a craft brew is quite satisfying – and it will make you appreciate what you’re drinking so much more. As with wine, you can’t take a swig of beer and make an informed decision on it other to say “yea” or “nay,” especially if you’re tasting a fine, hand-crafted beer, carefully brewed, with subtle flavors. In that case, here’s how to taste beer properly (and impress your friends in the process):

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Meet the Woodstock Staff: Jacob

Jacob Pain, 7bbl Brewer 

Jacob has been working for Woodstock for nearly 7 months, assisting on the creation of new beers like Greeley Double IPA and brewing in the 7 barrel system over by the brewpub.  Originally from Nashua NH, Jacob is an electrician by trade. 
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Woodstock Beer Pairings for Boston Celtics Playoff Games

The Boston Celtics take on the Chicago Bulls for Game 5 tonight 

at 8:30pm and the series is tied at 2 games each. We asked the brewers & brewery sales staff what Woodstock beer they'll be pairing with the game.

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Seasonal Brew Recipe: Maple Porter Sausage Penne

You'll want to try this recipe, recently seen on WMUR's Cook's Corner, with our own Maple Porter sausage! Enjoy your meal with a bottle of Kanc Country Maple Porter, a seasonal brew made with real NH maple syrup from Fadden's Maple Sugarhouse. It's only available for a limited time, so get it while supplies last!

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Make Spent Grain Bread with us at home!

By Maddi Diaz

Here at the Woodstock Inn & Brewery we like to be as resourceful and eco-friendly as we can. One way is using spent grain in our bread and pizza dough. You can do this at home pretty easily too!

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It's Maple Sugar Season and Our Kanc Country Maple Porter is Out!

New Hampshire Restaurant Week begins Friday and our Kanc Country Maple Porter is the official beer for the event! The brew was canned this week and we’ll bring it out in 16-oz, 4-pack cans for the first time ever in coming days.

In the beer world having your spring seasonal come out in March is really late, but March is maple season and what better time is there to release this porter made with real NH maple syrup from Fadden's Maple Sugarhouse?

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Join Us for the Joke's on Brew Weekend with Special Guests!

It’s that time of year again in New England. We’re either shoveling out of 2 feet of snow or we’re digging out our summer wardrobe to do some sunbathing. It’s so hard to make plans ahead of time when you don’t know what kind of weather to count on.

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Join Us for Bend and Sip Beer Yoga!


Have you ever been torn between drinking beer with your friends and taking an amazing yoga class? Well "BAM!" now you can have your beer and Asana too! The Woodstock Station Brewery will team up with Live a Little Fitness to bring yoga to the brewery.Beer yoga is picking up steam in the US where open brewery space and yoga enthusiasts team up for an unbeatable Bend and Sip duo.

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Book a Midweek B & Ski Package; Get a Free Growler!

If you’ve been waiting to head to the mountains for some time on the slopes, it’s time to go: Put in for a few much-deserved vacation days and head to The Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery in North Woodstock, NH!

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