Live Free or Die Black IPA: Drink it. Wear it. Live it.

Live Free Or Die Black IPA

Our Live Free or Die Black IPA is a mysteriously delicious American black IPA powered by a pale and midnight wheat grain bill. It has a satisfying big IPA bitterness while also providing an exciting blend of flavor and aroma. Deep and dark, it features a medium, smooth body that goes down easy and isn’t too filling. Aroma and taste bring out coffee, malts, grass and hops. It’s a beer that pairs well with spicy BBQ and sharp cheeses. 

The beer can be found on tap or in its distinctive black cans at local retailers throughout New England. If the can design looks familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen the logo around New Hampshire. The design was created by Danny Surette, founder and owner of or die apparel (http://www.ordienh.bigcartel.com/) and can be found on stickers - and now on clothing as well.

 “I started or die apparel back in 2007 in Lincoln, NH with no plan or thought of the future for the brand,” explains Surette. “It all really started with a few small batches of stickers and the support and encouragement from some amazing friends.”

And those friends made the sticker popular with their friends. “As time went on the logo really gained momentum from people seeing it around on friends’ snowboards, the backs of cars, and wherever else the stickers would end up. I look back now at the growth of what it is now and what it still can be and very much value the organic nature of how it grew,” Surette says.

Now, 10 years after he designed the logo, it can be found on Woodstock Inn Brewery’s Live Free or Die Black IPA cans.

“I can’t wait to see where the brand goes with all of my supporters, old and new,” he says.

So now you can have your beer and T-shirt (or sweatpants, or cap), too.

Live Free or Die Black IPA has ABV of 8.3% and IBU of 85. It’s available on tap and in 16-oz, 4-packs, and year-round at the Brewery.

Check out or die apparel on Instagram and you can puchase t-shirts and sweatshirts on our website!

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