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Smash the Pumpkins and Pick Our Apple-Inspired Autumn Ale Brew Instead

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Summer is winding down and fall is right around the corner! What are you looking forward to the most as Autumn approaches? Football, Crockpot cooking, hiking in the Whites? All great choices! But for us, Autumn Ale Brew is #1!

While everyone else is releasing their pumpkin brews, we're celebrating the New Hampshire apple - the quintessential flavor of fall with our Autumn Ale Brew. If you haven't tried it, it's a light-bodied English-style ale with a subtle apple tones and a pinch of cinnamon in the finish.

We asked Scott Rice, our owner, why and when Woodstock started making this beer. If you're keeping track — in our inaugural year, back in 1995, Red Rack was the first beer we ever made. Then we added Pig's Ear Brown Ale,  and shortly after - our Autumn Ale Brew

Thinking back 22 years ago, Scott said, "the leaves were turning, it was fall and we just thought apples... so a bunch of us sat down, started slicing apples for the recipe." He laughed and said, "This is true."

Like cooking with beer? Scott suggested basting your pork or turkey with Autumn Ale Brew or adding it to your gravy. "It's delicious. Unbelievably good," he said.

So smash the pumpkins and pick apples instead: Stop by and fill up a growler or grab a pint of Autumn Ale while enjoying New Hampshire's finest foliage. Our Autumn brew is also available in New Hampshire at Market Basket, HannafordShaw’s and other select locations. And, you can also pick it up in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Want to know where you can find it? Just click below, give us some info and we'll tell you where you can find our Autumn Ale Brew!

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