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Clan Scottish Ale: The Taste of the Highland Games

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Evoking the lochs, valleys and mountains of Scotland, our Clan Scottish Ale was appropriately brewed for the first time 15 years ago for the New Hampshire Highland Games.

The Games are a unique celebration of the competitive traditions of the Scottish Highlands. Set against scenic Loon Mountain in Lincoln, the New Hampshire event is one of the largest Scottish festivals in the country.

Each year, to mark this special event, we provide our signature Clan Scottish Ale for the games. Deep chestnut in color, this rich malty ale has low hop bitterness and aroma. Smoked peat is added to the mash, giving the ale a subtle smoky finish reminiscent of a good peaty Scotch whisky. That makes Scotch ale one of our most unique beers, with a smoky flavor that’s complementary, not overpowering. It's sessionable at 5% ABV

You may be confused between Scottish ale and Scotch ale: Scottish Ales are lighter, but with strong flavor and aroma, weighing in at 5% ABV or under, while Scotch ales are heavier, with a higher ABV.

The traditional brewing of Scottish ales includes a long boil that caramelizes the wort and produces a deep copper to brown color and malty flavor. In days of old, Scottish ales were classified based on the currency of shillings and by the price of a cask or hogshead (about 64 gallons): 60 shillings, 80 shillings and so on, up to 140. The stronger the ale, the higher the duty, and thus, the higher the price:

  • Scottish Light (60 shilling) 2.5 – 3.2% ABV
  • Scottish Heavy (70 shilling) 3.2 – 3.9% ABV
  • Scottish Export (80 shilling) 3.9 – 5.0% ABV
  • Scotch Ale (“Wee Heavy”) 6.5 – 10% ABV

(Source: The Beer Judge Certification Program)

Garrett Smith, head of brewery sales, has worked at Woodstock Inn Brewery for more than 15 years and rates the Clan Scottish Ale as “one of my favorite food beers we make.”

“I love it with roast chicken and pork chops especially,” he says.

Because of its malty flavor, Clan Scottish Ale also pairs well with game, spicy foods, and strong cheeses.

Clan Scottish Ale can be found only at the Woodstock Inn Brewery on tap and in Limited Edition 16-ounce, four-packs cans.

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