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Woodstock Inn Brewery is committed to being a better brewery every day.

We’re excited to announce we’ve taken a great number of strides to make improvements to our brewery and produce the best possible quality beer.

The biggest factor in this evolution is the switch we made from Ringwood yeast to London Ale III. This has vastly improved the beer, elevating it to a more modern flavor profile. The new yeast helps showcase the true intended flavors in all of our beers.

Additionally, we built a state-of-the-art onsite quality control lab. We now have the full capability to test and ensure that the quality of our beer is completely spot on for our customers.

Heading this huge transition is our new brewer, Frank Heidenreich. Frank has extensive knowledge and more than 30 years in the brewing industry and is innovative in his decision making. We’re confident that with his leadership, we’ll be able to exceed demands and expectations in the New England craft beer industry.

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