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It's Maple Month in New Hampshire!

It’s March, and that means Maple Season in New Hampshire! 
Did you know it takes 30 to 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of pure maple syrup?
Here are some more facts, courtesy of our friends at Fadden’s Sugar House:
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Kanc Country Maple Porter Featured at Hannaford Stores This Month

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Meet the Woodstock Inn Brewery Sales Team

Woodstock Inn Brewery products are sold in retail locations throughout five New England states including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. How do we run the inn, brewery and restaurant - AND sell beer in five states?

Introducing the Woodstock Sales Team!

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Live Free or Die Black IPA: Drink it. Wear it. Live it.

Our Live Free or Die Black IPA is a mysteriously delicious American black IPA powered by a pale and midnight wheat grain bill. It has a satisfying big IPA bitterness while also providing an exciting blend of flavor and aroma. Deep and dark, it features a medium, smooth body that goes down easy and isn’t too filling. Aroma and taste bring out coffee, malts, grass and hops. It’s a beer that pairs well with spicy BBQ and sharp cheeses. 

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14 Essential Items to Pack for a Ski or Snowboard Trip

So you’ve made your reservations and you’ve booked your ski or snowboard getaway. If you’re not a ski-trip pro, getting ready for the trip can be overwhelming. Cold weather means heavy, bulky items – and plenty of them! If you’re not renting at your destination, you’ve got transporting ski equipment to think about. And do you really need that extra item, or can you get by without it and simplify your packing?

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Get your Turkey Drunk This Thanksgiving (for the Best Tasting Bird)!

Our Southern New England Sales Manager, Erin Marley swears by a beer brine for Turkey.  She’s a giant fan of brining turkey and asked our kitchen to weigh-in on why it's soooo good. The consensus is that you can impart whatever flavor you would like while keeping the moisture in the bird.” Using beer can add flavor and/or floral characteristics plus it’s great as a tenderizing marinade. Check-out the recipe and let us know how it goes!

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Frosty Goggles: The Après Ski Brew

The definition of après ski is, according to the Oxford Dictionary, “The social activities and entertainment following a day's skiing,” which makes sense since the origin of the phrase is French and literally means “after skiing.”

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Clan Scottish Ale: The Taste of the Highland Games

Evoking the lochs, valleys and mountains of Scotland, our Clan Scottish Ale was appropriately brewed for the first time 15 years ago for the New Hampshire Highland Games.

The Games are a unique celebration of the competitive traditions of the Scottish Highlands. Set against scenic Loon Mountain in Lincoln, the New Hampshire event is one of the largest Scottish festivals in the country.

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